E-mail alerts when surveys are completed

Some surveys have very infrequent responses, going days or even weeks without a submission. Rather than heading out to your Web host to keep checking for responses, it can be handy to just get an e-mail alert when someone completes the survey.

A few premium services such as SurveyHost and KeySurvey provide this feature, including sending e-mails with an individual's answers and only under certain conditions (such as marking "Contact me"). However, low volume surveys often don't justify that type of budget, so here's another way.

Most survey products and services let you specify a Thanks URL for when respondents finish. By sending respondents to this script, you can get an e-mail alert upon each completion. It's written in PHP, so you can use it with both Unix/Linux and Windows Web servers.

Download the Zip file with the script and instructions.

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